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As a premier portrait photographer Nancy Rubly photographs all aspects of family life.
I specialize in photographing New Born Babies, Children, Families, High School Seniors, Business and Pets.
In the fast changing world of photography one thing remains the same. Everybody wants to look better in their portrait then they look in real life. A “Selfie” is quick and accurate but may not stand the test of time. Hitting the “delete” button may be your best option.

A Professional Photographer records a moment in time than finds one hundred ways to improve it without being obvious to the viewer. This is true for family portraits, high school seniors or executives. We want to see it the way we imagine it, not as we are. I am here to help.

Digital photography has made it possible for us to share our images quickly. My professional standards compel me to edit, crop, straighten, adjust, enhance and improve whenever possible. One good image is more important to me than 10 bad. I will guide every customer thru this process. Remember instant does not mean good.

Winter is a great time for Professionals to update their business portraits. An online presence is mandatory in this market. My business sessions include full copyright use of your digital images. This also applies to budding actresses and models. A good portfolio of images will help get you noticed.

High School Juniors are thinking about how they will present themselves in their senior yearbook. The options are limitless. It is a fun creative challenge. I offer several sitting options and discounts depending on the time of the year.

If you would like to be a Student Rep for Portraits on Pilgrim, please contact me as soon as possible. I select students in March and set up their portrait sessions for late April and early May. It is a fabulous opportunity to get my best photo session and a collection of digital files to share with your friends at no cost to you. Many of your images will appear on my marketing materials the following year. Seniors in the area should look for my mailers and my face book page to see fellow students you know looking their best.

My Special High School Discounts are as follows:

Best Discount of the Season - Prepay for your minimum purchase in April and eliminate your sitting fee whenever you do your senior session this summer.

No sitting fee in April
75% off sitting fee in May
50% off sitting fee in June
25% off sitting fee in July

Remember when you refer a friend you get 8 free wallets. Your friend gets 10.00 off just by mentioning your name. I also provide a yearbook portrait directly to your school for your convenience.

If I did your senior portraits last summer I offer a free family portrait session this summer. Schedule early to insure I am available when your whole gang can get together. Getting the family dressed and ready on a particular day is the 9/10th of the job. This could be the perfect Mothers Day gift.

Let's make some beautiful portraits together.

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